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Lullaby (Be satisfied with small beginnings)

So my last project in college I wrote a paper about the use of music in The Hunger Games trilogy and composed music for the songs. It was a super fun project. I’ve been wanting to make a new project out of it and post it on YouTube. It has been such a pain. But I think I’m done with it and will be laying it out there even if it’s terrible. You have to start somewhere… One day maybe I’ll have the time, patience, and courage to perform the lullaby myself (the uploaded audio is electronic, but it sounds pretty good, much better than I do at the moment…).

I still sing this lullaby to the kids I’ve watched for the past 5 years. I hope one day when they read The Hunger Games they’ll remember me singing it to them and that moment will be even more emotional for them, because I can be heartlessly heartfelt like that… (I know they probably won’t remember me singing them lullabies since they’ve all been really young)

I guess this is a reminder to me that anything worth doing is worth doing poorly at the beginning. Debut novels are almost always hit and miss. Watching some YouTubers’ first videos is embarrassing for everyone. First learning to crochet, I thought slip stitches were single stitches (it took forever to crochet a scarf!), and we’ll not talk about how uneven it was. As long as I continue to learn from mistakes and keep trying harder, I’ll improve. I won’t reach perfection, but I can fail a bit closer to perfect each time.

So, if you’d like to watch my version of the Lullaby go to:

I’m so sorry that some of the photos ended up so blurry. I still think it was a cool idea, but I apparently don’t know how to make it come to life… One day I’ll get there. Be patient with me.

If you are interested in what I wrote about the music in the Hunger Games (the impact it has on the plot of the books and interaction with the characters, why I made the musical choices I did, etc), let me know! Or I might just not care and post it whether you want it or not!

I’m sorry, I’m tired. I’m glad I’m done with this particular project, but I also am not really satisfied with it…


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