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Well-behaved vs. Rebel

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t have all the answers. In fact, I have very few but a lot of questions and thoughts. Lately I’ve been wondering what’s so wrong with well-behaved women? I know the quote “Well-behaved women seldom make history” I love it! But at the same time I feel like there might be layers of well-behaved and rebel. A lot of presidents’ wives would fall under the category well-behaved but they’ve done impressive things! Or in literature, how about a lot of the females in the Harry Potter Series. Mrs. Weasley is definitely an amazing wife and mother, and part of that is protecting her children, which we all love her for! Or Hermione does occasional rule breaking, but overall she’s pretty well-behaved (at least to those casually know her). Then there’s Tonks who is absolutely brilliant and rebellious to tradition.

I think maybe the trick about well-behaved and rebellious is looking at what they rebel against or why they follow the rules. Some governments are worth rebellion and others aren’t. Was Dumbledore a perfect headmaster? There’s no such thing! Would you rebel against him? Hermione did in a way. She cared so much for House Elf freedom she rebelled. That’s another trick to successful rebellions and rebellious characters—they have to have something they are fighting for and not just against. The Hunger Games trilogy is a great example of how things can go when the fighting for is a bit vague or not everyone is on bored. It gets a bit complicated…

Is the world so black and white that there is only well-behaved and rebel? Where does Prim Everdeen fit in if so? She follows rules but does it for a rebellion. In a world where standards are so complicated is there such a thing as well-behaved anymore? Will there be a point where rebelling becomes the standard and therefore rebelling is well-behaved? Are there some rebels we love just because they’re rebels even if they have nothing they are rebelling for?

Please let me know your thoughts! I’d love to have a real discussion.


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