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Hello again!

Well, it has been a while. I’m sorry about that, but it’s always a good time for a fresh start, right? Please, give me a second chance at being consistent!

What have I been doing for the past almost year? I’ve read a lot (yay!), learned to knit (fun!), explored the East coast a fair amount (so much to see!), and moved back to Colorado (It’s been a month, why have I still not been to the mountains?!). What have I not done (much)? Blog posts (obviously), edited the book I finished writing over two years ago (I’m working on editing chapter 9. Only 36 more to go… Yikes!), writing (I briefly tried NaNoWriMo this year. I don’t think I lasted a week. Boo!).

My biggest problem is consistency, and I know I’m not alone in this. There are some huge goals in my life that I’m super excited about, but sometimes the big goals get put on the back burner because there are so many little things to get knocked out quickly. But then the big things never get brought back to the front. It took me three years to write the book, it’ll probably take me three years to edit it. Wait, I have less than a year to finish that impossibly long deadline I gave myself?! How did that happen? Day by day. Just like accomplishing a goal is done day by day, losing track of it also happens slowly. I’m sure you’ve all seen the meme “How it feels to write after a long time” and the guy is using a pen that has about 50 pounds of weight on the tip. Let’s stop procrastinating!

So, I’m going to try to be more consistent and present! I am going to try my hardest to write a blog post once a week! Let’s aim for Thursdays! In the meantime, here are some tips for being consistent:

  • Break large goals into smaller goals.
  • If you are trying to do something once a week, chose a day to do it. Once a month, pick a day; once a day pick a time. Make a schedule.
  • Goals will most likely take sacrifices. Prove to yourself you really are committed. Make a sacrifice. Make sure the most important things come first.
  • Have a reminder. I know I’m bad at looking at my planner more than once a week. Maybe a post it note, whiteboard, or alarm on the phone would be better.
  • Get encouragement. I don’t know about you, but I hear a lot of great things about mentors, especially being in a position where you have a mentor and you are a mentor. You always have stuff to learn and you always have stuff to teach. And if being a mentor terrifies you, imagine how much it’ll challenge and teach you (all the beset things are terrifying at the beginning).
  • Have somebody you are accountable to. Maybe this is part of mentorship or maybe this is someone else. Be accountable for doing your daily best. Or maybe you need someone who will tell you it’s okay/get off your butt when you fail! Life is better with a support system. Even if you always meet your goals and don’t use the support system, know who you would turn to and let them know you appreciate and trust them.


I think that is it for today. I’m sorry, but I think I’m going to continue to not proofread blog posts. Is that okay? If it really bugs you, let me know, but to be completely honest, I have a novel to edit and proofread! Please don’t make me do more! (I know proofreading would make this blog much more professional, but right now I have four subscribers and am not too concerned about professionalism. This will probably come back to haunt me, but right now I don’t care…)