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Rereading Books

So, starting last year I discovered just how much I enjoy rereading books. When I first discovered Harry Potter was when I first began to enjoy reading. I cannot remember how many times I reread that first book especially. I know I read other books around that time period, but I hardly remember any of them. Then I got to a period where I didn’t have much time to read for fun and so I didn’t really reread. There are so many amazing books out there—how is there possibly time to read all of them let alone reread some of my favorites?!

But I started rereading books in college because one of my professors said that that was a great way to write those big, detailed essays. And I could not agree more! If it’s just a little essay or just a reaction or such, it’s not worth it. But if the essay is a final essay or worth a significant amount of the grade, make time to reread—you’ll thank yourself later. Read the first time for the story, to understand as best you can what is happening and why, the characters, etc. Decide what you want to write about. Reread. You’ll be surprised how much there is on your topic in the text. Mark the quotes are references you want to put in your essay (so time saving). You’ll have so much more to say and be able to say it a lot better.

Then there’s rereading for fun. Last read I started reading a ridiculous amount which was great, but it also meant spending less time with the characters and stories I adore. But it’s always possible to return to them when I reread the books. And I realize just how much I missed on the first reading! There’s always so many little hints or nuances. Plus, it takes me a while to keep the characters straight in my head, so rereading a book is great because it’s a lot less work.

Rereading has spoiled me. I now feel like I need to reread a book or series before I can have a good enough feel for it before writing a review for it. For example, I really want to reread the Raven Boys Cycle! I want to write about it, but I read it so fast (all in one month) and I know there’s so much just waiting in it for me to discover or look at in a new light. I also want to reread it because I miss the characters already. They’re so adorable and funny and the ways they interact with each other are hilarious. And there’s so much to the plot as well. I want to reread it so badly! But it’s only been about two months since I finished it and I don’t want to exhaust myself with the books because they’re too good for that. Plus, I have so many books to read! So I will wait patiently until I am really ready for a good reread.


2 thoughts on “Rereading Books

  1. I love re-reading books, and I actually want to re-read the Raven Cycle (even though I haven’t read the final one yet), too! I just wish there was more time, because girl I just don’t have the time to re-read all the things right now, ugh!

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    1. I finally did reread the Raven Cycle earlier this year while on a road trip in the South (including Virginia). I listened to the audiobooks (which are amazing!) while driving. It was magical. It probably doesn’t work for every book to reread it by listening to it, but it might be an option. There’s just always too many books and too little time!

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