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Top 5 Wednesday: Characters I Defend

Look! I’m posting a Top 5 Wednesday on the (correct) Wednesday! I know, impressive. This topic is going to take a while… Uh.

  1. Eustace from the Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis – Yeah, he’s a pain at the beginning, but his story is great!
  2. Jackaby from Jackaby – Most people seemed to want more from this book, but I loved how random it was. I don’t know if that really counts, but I’m counting it!
  3. Night and Day by Virginia Woolf – I know that’s not a character, but I feel like people could really dislike these characters. But that’s what makes them real.
  4. Jason from Heros of Olympus Series – I don’t know what people dislike him so much—because he’s a golden boy? So are a lot of other characters…
  5. People who write autobiographies–I know that I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is sometimes banned because of what Angelou included in it. I will admit, it was hard to read in some places, but that’s why it is so important to read! Then there’s Greg Mortonsen’s Three Cups of Tea (which I hated). He messed up, but he admits in the book he isn’t the wisest person… People who write about their own lives are really brave.

I can’t think of any characters people don’t like that I do! It tends to be the opposite… Sorry… What characters do you hate?

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Top 5 Wednesday: Summer Reads

Before you freak out, no it is not Wednesday. It is still Monday. I’m just  late in posting this. Wednesdays are busy for me. Sorry. I’ll try to get better, post more regularly, etc., etc.

  1. Percy Jackson and the Olympians series – This series takes place over summers and they’re such books!
  2. Fruits Basket Series by Natsuki Takaya – Nothing says summer like a super fun manga!
  3. The Ancient One by T.A. Barron – This was my favorite book for a while; I should reread it… I think it takes place over a summer…
  4. A Mid-Summer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare – I think this is about the only classic I can get away with for this list (maybe The Awakening by Kate Chopin…) and it’s my favorite Shakespeare play
  5. Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card – This book is awesome and sci-fi is awesome!
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Top 5 Wednesday: Characters I’m most like

This is hard, but I’ll try my best! (not really in any order)

  1. Cath from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell – Introverted/shy, love reading
  2. Annabeth from the Percy Jackson series – Smart, dyslexic, blonde
  3. Sam from The Lord of the Rings – easily overlooked always there to help
  4. Elinor from Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen – Always trying to be the sensible one
  5. Cress from the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer – Because I can’t think of anyone else and we’re both socially awkward (and as I child I got lost in fantasies a lot)